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Thanks for reading!

Thanks for all of the support, kind words, questions, and interesting conversations.  Remembering that the point of this blog was to help nontraditional premeds (don’t worry traditional premeds, I love you too) I’m going to be dedicating a few blog entries to people who made personal requests. When I first made this blog I half expected no one to read it, so thanks for helping me get over 1000 views within the first week or so after launching.  

So, my tentative blogging schedule is:

This week -11/23 – 11/24, Organic Chemistry tips to learn basic mechanisms for substitutions and eliminations.

Next week – back to AMCAS stuff and answering another reader with a blog entry. If you have any requests just message me, or tweet me at twitter (you don’t need to follow me to get an answer) https://twitter.com/masterofsleep

My Personal Medical School App Life

I hear back from a medical school in Chicago perhaps this week. It was my 3rd interview in a string of interviews I did in one week, after a multi-flight tour of the US, it took me seven flights to finally interview in Boston, Michigan, and finally in Chicago. Needless to say, exhaustion did take its toll.  It was consisted of two interviews, one was a physician it was a great “bad cop, bad cop” session. The second interview was with a medical student on their way to graduation, that was a very fun interview.

Medical student interviewer:  “What could pick a super power what would it be?”

Me:  “…the ability to fly, that would be pretty awesome.

Medical student interviewer: “Now here’s the kicker, how would you use that power to help others?”

Me: “…I’d do a mobile organ transplant delivery service. Hmm..I’m sure glad I didn’t pick laser eyes for my super power”.

As you can probably tell, I have no problem quacking jokes during my interview, if they school doesn’t get my humor than I know it’s not my fit for the next 4 years. So, with that split, I have no idea if I’m getting rejected or not (I’m leaning towards wait-list), but I’ll live either way =).





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