Updates This Week December 3rd 2013

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Thanks for leaving me encouraging comments, tweets, emails, and sharing your experiences with me.  I wish you all the best in your journey. Here’s some updates about this week:

Finish Quick Organic Chemistry Study Guide for Substitutions and Eliminations

I’m going to finish the last entry this week. I also want to get back to medical school applications stuff like the personal statement (I’ve wanted to get this done for a while) and letters of recommendation (currently being drafted).

Part 1: Introduction Sn1 & Sn2


Part 2: Sn1 & Sn2 Continued


Part 3: E1 & E2


Part 3: Competing Reactions: When it hits the fan for most premeds, coming soon…

In other news vow to try to be less lazy and include a contact form in my posts:

Today someone nice messaged found me on Twitter to ask a follow question, and this got me thinking about how Twitter has changed their policy so that only followers can direct message. Sorry about the inconvenience, but you can still email like some of you have.  If it’s a frequent question I’ll probably just blog about it, if it’s something specific I’ll just try to contact you back individually until I figure out a good way to handle it.

What can I say, not being able to answer a question drives me crazy; though paradoxically the more I know the less I know, go figure.

The window for applying for medical school is closing for most US MD schools.

Right about now, if you’re applying to medical school to be the most competitive your secondaries should of been in some time in Aug-September. You are either in a position of being interviewed, waiting to get interviewed, or sacrificing virgins to get an interview. If you have another academic year to go before graduation then you should be registered for the MCAT in April of 2014 — hopefully only taking it once, and if do need to retake you’ll have plenty of time both mentally move on and reschedule it. The same month can mean a lot of things, just depending on where you are with your life, next fall December will mean new things to me as a medical student. Where ever you are in your path, good luck.

This will also be my last December spent in California for several years, see you soon east coast.

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