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Hello Everyone,

Hope you all survived finals. You’re either on vacation now, or slaving away on a research project during your “vacation”, studying for the impending MCAT, or weeping over finals grades etc. Either way happy holidays! I had to attend my best friend’s bachelor party as the ‘best-man’, so as you may of figured out there were no updates this past weekend.  I actually release updates anytime during the weekend, but the weekend seems to be the best time to catch up on my writing after the work week is over. Here’s this week’s schedule:

Premed Blog Updates: Personal Statement How to be released…

I’ve been drafting this for several weeks, but it’s gotten pretty bloated and I’m thinking about releasing it in manageable/logical chunks to get the release out faster, this will also allow me to focus more on the detail better. So, it’ll come out in sections, expect the series to be over sometime in January.

I will be featured on as an accepted MD candidate…

I will be a featured Q&A MD candidate on, a website hosts a gambit of pre-professional advising services, e.g. personal statements, for such graduate programs as: medicine, law school, MBA, and doctoral programs. This also part of the reason why I have to break up the PS entry into parts. I’ll be sure to post the link.

I need to withdraw my acceptances for several programs this week…

This is one of the most difficult things to do, that is to tell schools you will not be attending their programs. While you can hold multiple acceptances as I currently have, if you’re certain you won’t attend the program you should withdraw, this will create more seats for others to be accepted. So, good luck for people on the waiting list at schools I’m pulling out from.

Lots to finish this week…

Besides my work (IRB & ACUC, and undergraduate research office outreach work), PS blog entry to write, Q&A session, and of course wedding this weekend. As you may have figured out, life doesn’t stop for you when you’re busy =)


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