Applying to Medical School: Hard Deadlines

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More on personal statement writing soon.


Applicants be Warned: not preparing for and violating deadlines for medical applications puts you at a similar disadvantage of survival as breaking your own leg during the zombie apocalypse. 


Applying for medical school is more than an application, it’s a process. The process starts as soon as you take your first college level course because these are recorded in your final GPA regardless of where you received credit. Now, if you’re a traditional premed, it’s likely you knew this when you entered college in the first place — heck, I’ve tutored 16 year old’s with anxious parents dumping loads of cash, already bolstering their child’s curriculum vitae for medical school. And then there’s the nontraditional serendipitous premed who’s fate crossed paths with medicine. If you’re a traditional premed then you probably ought to rely on your premed advisor for the best information because they’ll have access to your transcripts and will know how…

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