Finance February

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Hello All,

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, though if you’re a premed it’s likely the only use for the remembering the date 2/14 is that 1.4 is a pretty good approximation to the square root of 2 — useful in all walks of life.

Word of the Month – FAFSA

For now, it means just as much as it means: half way through February, so I better hurry up and get my taxes done if I want to have priority financial aid processing. I have already submitted my FAFSA, but I need to submit my taxes to correct my estimation. I have abjectly poor, so I don’t have to worry about them finding out about my next egg in Antigua. I suppose my only apprehension is my parent’s taxes, on FAFSA my parent’s taxes aren’t considered because I’m well past independent status legally and financially. However, there is another funding agency that does consider my parent’s income, and well most schools feel your parents will likely contribute to your education. My step is the sole source of income for my parents, luckily for them his income alone makes them well off. Though, let us take a recent example parents try to extrapolate my parents future contribution to my goals of medicine:

Mom: his white coat ceremony is in Boston, in August, we have to buy tickets to go see it.

Step Dad: we can’t afford that.

So, I don’t really expect their assets to be an asset to me, after all I’m below the poverty line and still managed to afford to fly around the United States, they are making six-figures and yet afford to fly out for a few days to Boston – go figure. In my undergrad years, I got caught up in a similar Catch-22: parents earned too much for me to get aid, but I didn’t have money because my parents weren’t willing to contribute in a significant way anyways. In this case, I think once my financial aid package is secure I’ll feel better I’m sure. On a tangential note, hug your parents if they’re bankrolling your premed/medschool dreams — there’s nothing to be ashamed, they worked hard because they believed in you.

I remember when my interviewer called me from Boston Medical to tell me that I was accepted, she said to me “Make sure to go out and celebrate with your family, they’re going to be so happy”. I’m really happy she called me, I’m really happy she was happy for me, because in all honesty those moments on the phone were my only sources of tangible celebration on that day — and all the days to follow it.

I Bought Pants…and Shoes! (non dress up)

To reward myself (and to not let this post end on a dreary note), I bought more clothes for myself. Recently, it occurred to me that I’d vested all my effort into getting into medical school, leaving myself disheveled. In fact, all of my pants (I deem wearable) have a hole in them. Now, there’s aesthetic holes that double the price of garments, and there’s “give that guy some change” holes, and it was moving towards the latter. So, I decided I needed several fine pairs of trousers. I needed to do something to celebrate getting into Boston Medical,  right? I look forward to meeting my new family and support network at Boston Medical, maybe they’ll notice my snazzy attire.

Till next time. =)


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