Thanks for Reading!

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I appreciate all of my readers, the loyal, the new and the re-curious.

Why Do I Blog at All?

My friend recently asked me why do I blog at all, and if so why put so much effort into it without financial reward. I can see what they’re saying, after all time is money as they say, and my time is dwindling as I’ve been drafted for medical school duty. However, I remember as a kid I wanted to travel the world, and meet all sorts of people and share ideas with them. I guess, for now, this blog is the closest I’ll ever get to that. Thanks for reading, commenting, sending me messages, and just plain carrying-on.

Have a topic you’d like for me to address? Just message me like others have already, thanks again!

Also, if you’d like the blog to take a certain detour, go ahead and vote — or don’t, and just enjoy the ride.


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