Day: March 6, 2014

Acceptance Paradise

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March Madness

Happy Wednesday. A lot of premeds are bracing for their impending MCAT date, the early spring is traditionally a popular time to take the medical school ‘entrance’ test. Medical students are also jubilantly tolling away. And though I graduated, I work at a university so I feel for your midterm pain; though better you than I, you’re young and spry. As for me? As accepted but already had graduated free soul, for now, compared to most of my readers I’m likely on vacation — don’t worry, I’ll be in the thick of it soon. Though I technically do have two jobs, Institutional Review Board/Animal Care and Use Committee Ethics guy, research scholarship/conference coordinating dude. I don’t mind earning a honest living. But, work is a lot sweeter when it’s a count down towards medical school. It’s pretty exciting to know that this is the last “job” I’ll ever have, only a career from August!

In April there’s Second Look

School starts in August, there’s a event called second look. Second look is billed as a less formal opportunity for students who were offered an acceptance to come back and see the school again. Unlike the tension filled day, Interview Day, accepted students need not travel alone and may bring their family. Though, I wouldn’t advise bringing “drunk uncle” to meet the faculty. This isn’t an interview part two, it’s a chance to see more of the school, and more of the area before making the fateful commitment. I wasn’t sure if I should go to Second Look or not, for some people it’s likely a good investment. I was advised by my host, a 3rd year at BU SOM, that I’d likely not need come out for second look, if I was sure about the program. Though, he still offered up his place to stay again in case I came down again — collegiality! It’s likely that I won’t go to Second Look as I’m already committed to a school mentally.  Incidentally, after consulting with my bank account I thought it best not fly to between Boston and California twice within the next 3 to 4 months.