Thanks and March Drafts

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Thanks for reading, and thanks for the warm response about the MCAT math posting. Admittedly, I was a little worried when I wrote that last article, boredom forcing my readers into mass exodus was a sure risk. But, then I remembered how intimated I was as a premed, non traditional at that. I remember taking my first MCAT practice exam, I think I felt nauseous afterwards. My thoughts were racing, “How could I ever pull this off…by myself?”, I panicked internally to myself. Every traditional premed I knew had taken a course, and it seemed rather par for course. Some premeds can afford them, some premeds have a game plan and get scholarships, some couldn’t afford them and were ignorant of potential scholarships (me, me ,me). At the time, I was defecating proverbial bricks, though the panic did wake me up — I revamped my strategy entirely, and did just fine on the real exam. With that in mind, good luck all you premeds gearing up to take the MCAT this season; keep in mind there is a light at the end of the tunnel, but then there’s another tunnel =D)

Fast forward to yesterday, I was sprinting around my old university, where I now work until June (then off to Boston). One of my jobs was to participate on an organization committee for a Southern California Research Conference. With a under staffed team, we held a very successful event with over 100 presenters of various disciplines oral and poster. A grant was established in order to send the best 10 presenters to another regional conference. At award ceremony, there was a keynote speaker, an MD and also Olympic gold medalist key note speaker from UCSF. She gave a terrific speech, lots of premeds and budding scientists scored experience and CV points, everything was flung together but it all worked out.

To reward myself for helping to make the impossible possible for this conference I bought two bottles of wine. For the weekend?

March Plans:

  • Someone from SDN sent me their Personal Statement (PS), I’ll be giving them feed back tomorrow. So far, a few people have sent me quite a few PS messages, from Twitter here, and SDN. Fortunately, I apparently didn’t causes insufferable damage to their application because they did get accepted. They were already excellent applicants, they just needed a critical eye to bring it out in their PS.
  • Draft something about how to design a personal statement.
  • Finish another entry about the MCAT, specifically about passages on the PS section and MCAT math — the fun! It may be some of my last posts about the MCAT, as soon I’ll be panicking about medical student problems in August.
  • Wind down one of my jobs — less responsibility equals more tom-foolery!

Good luck everyone, remember the MCAT doesn’t define who you are and if you’re capable of being a doctor. It’s just a test, everyone takes it, we all felt the pain, we all squirmed in our seats. But, we all eventually conquer it in their own way, that’s what unites everyone who dawns the white coat.


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