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Hello Everybody,

As you may already know I do help people with the personal statements from time to time. I am used to receiving pretty critical feedback, I think this was the nature of my previous lab work. I remember when I gave my principal investigator my first writing sample. When he returned it I was certain he had for some mysterious reason changed all the font to red. Well, turned out he thought one part was pretty good, my name and the title. Assuaging my battered ego, who tried to relate to me by explaining the time he felt eviscerated by reviewers. Take some time off without looking at the review, let the emotions die down, and approach it again once I’m able to distance myself from the piece was his advice to me. He was right. Now, I love to see critiques, because it means I have room for improvement.

So, that introduction was to parlay into my point of today’s post, which is I’m taking drafts for personal statements. I review/critique legally binding research documents,research protocol applications, and  personal statements (for scholarships). So, I’ll try to use that experience, plus my own with my own personal statement I wrote last year. I think in August (when my first year of medschool starts) I’m going to post my own personal statement, as a temporary template. For now, I’m still going through the background check, so I’d prefer if my words didn’t come up as a “originality issue” until after I matriculate in August.

Here’s the deal:

  • I will for no charge read and critique your personal statement.
  • The dates of submission can start from now 3/19/14 until 4/15/14 (I’ll probably regret this later =) ).
  • Because of time commitments, I can all do three rounds of feedback. So, the third round of feedback I send you will be the last, if a third is necessary at all. But, beware, I’m pretty critical, so if you don’t want an actual critique (or you feel you’re not ready) I can be pretty honest, but I try to be nice =).
  • How to contact me — just email me at ruedjgtc(at symbol)  (sorry I don’t want bot spam). Be sure to title the email Personal Statement with First name only. I get a lot of emails each day, so it’ll get lost in the sea if you don’t label it.
  • If you follow me on Twitter, then just direct message me and we’ll work something out. If you have gmail, and we can chat there, that’d be optimal because then I can put things into context better. But, don’t feel beholden to that, just email me.
  • And on my end, I promise to not share your personal statement, nor break confidentiality. I will delete your personal statement off of my machine no later than 7 days after we finish our last session (so, I’m sorry if you lose your PS, I won’t keep a copy).
  • I will also make sure to have it back to you in a timely manner, say no more than 3 business days after I send you a receipt email to confirm I’ve gotten it.

Good luck!


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