Day: March 25, 2014

Accepted and Relaxed – My Agenda

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Homemade, pizza, pastry bits, and tortillas. Sorry New York fans, there’s no cheese nor tomato sauce — instead, I used homemade curry as the sauce. I’m from California, we do weird things to our food, I know.


Hello Everyone!

New Hobby: Learning how to live a more frugal life by cooking.

I’ve been busy with my new hobby, baking. There is something sort of comforting about cooking, especially baking. If you are/were a premed, then you’ve likely scooped a copious amount of white powders. In fact, a pro tip to getting out of lab as fast as possible is doing a great prelab and knowing when to be meticulous and when it’s okay to be expedient — all borne through a combination of critical thinking and empirical experience. In the periodic table, you can take a few atoms, combine them, and end up with the visible universe. With cooking, you take and combine fundamental components (flour, eggs, spices), in the end you up with a composition. This end product hopefully tastes well.

Blog Construction Underway: goal of making site easier to use in the future, I really like when things are easy =)

Besides all that, I’m also doing some construction to the back-end of the blog, so don’t mind if a ceiling falls on your head whilst browsing, I’m just doing some work to make it easier for people to navigate around. In August I’ll have my white coat ceremony (yay!), and around that time my blog’s focus will switch from premed to medical student. So, as a consequence I want to organize my blog a little more now, while I have only a few posts and have time. Hopefully, I’ll be done by this weekend, but it’s uncertain because I’m going off to San Diego this coming weekend.

So, again it’s going to be rough for a week, sorry about the navigation issues you may have.

Critiquing Personal Statements: still at it, if you emailed me on the dates thru March 21st-23rd then you should of received an email from me by now.

Fortunately for those who participate, I’m only juggling a few personal statement critiques, so I’ve been able to go more in detail than I expected on the first draft. And I was able to return most people’s personal statement within a day, so I’m proud of myself for following through (haha).

Anyways, I’m off to eat my latest experiment: flourless chocolate cake (it’s the consistency of a chocolate cheesecake, but more dense because there’s no real surface for air pockets to form w/o flour or baking soda, go chemistry!):



Til next time!

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