MSAR 2015 is Out – Be Prepared

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Have you ever watched an episode of Batman? When I grew up, the block chinned rendition of the cape crusader blared on television sets across the country in the afternoon. Let’s face it, Batman like many over achievers (spoiler alert, Bruce Wayne) has everything except self satisfaction. He’s the only super hero, who’s not really a super hero, he has no powers. He’s just a man with a plan (and an infinite nest egg), and a tool belt to show for it. In fact, a main driving point of many a stories in Batman’s life is losing his tool belt. And of course, if only he had that darn tool belt all would be fixed in a jiffy, and well if he had his belt at that time during the plot, and well they’d likely be no episode. So, Batman, never leaves home without his tool belt, so why would you as a premed and applicant apply to medical school without your tool belt? Here’s my built below, what’s in yours?


Here’s a standard issue of Batman’s tool belt, as an applicant you’ll likely want to keep most of the pre-packed tools. For example:

1. I’d keep the smoke capsules to escape once people start asking you about their foot fungus once they find out you’re applying to medical school.

2. Those tear gas pellets would come in handy for all of the female applicants who face questions like “Why don’t you just become a nurse?” — no disrespect to nurses, without nurses there’s no healthcare. But, a physician is a gender neutral job.

3. The item to the most right, the breathing apparatus would of come in handy while studying for the MCAT next to that funky dude.

4. I’d go ahead and replace the Laser Torch (my phone has an app for that already), and instead put the Medical School 
Admissions Requirements.

5. Miniature camera? Toss that, I’d get the Medical School Admissions Guide.

Think about what’s in your tool belt when you apply to medical school. Are you using all of them correctly? Are you maximizing their usage? Did you forget to pack your tools with you before you decided to fight crime (AMCAS)? Give these things some thought, otherwise risk feeling like you could of “done better” if you just “would of done (this or that)”.

Don’t leave home without your belt.


3 thoughts on “MSAR 2015 is Out – Be Prepared

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