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Hello All,

First, I like to thank you all for taking the time to read my blog. Because of supportive readers, like yourself, I’ve been able to reach out to 56 countries (and territories).

56 countries

The Country by  List  Order of views:

United States, Canada, Japan, United Kingdom, Germany, Lebanon, Israel, Australia, Russian Federation, Pakistan, Singapore, Netherlands, Slovakia, Puerto Rico, Finland, Indonesia, Mexico, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Republic of Korea, Ghana, Malaysia, Italy, India, Romania, Sweden, Qatar, Hong Kong, Ireland, France, Switzerland, Taiwan, Norway, New Zealand, Nigeria, Kuwait, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Barbados, Austria, Cambodia, Bosnia and Herzegovina Guinea, Bangladesh, Serbia, Mauritius, Oman, Viet Nam, Thailand, Guatemala, Poland, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Nepal, Guyana, Dominica, and last but not least Bulgaria.

A 1/5th of my readers are reading from abroad. I can’t emphasize how rewarding it is to know that in the tumultuous world of global politics, the one unifying element is an international goal to become a doctor. Best of wishes to all my readers across the world, and across borders and IP addresses. One day, I hope we can all hang out for a massive medical conference, followed up by lots of partying =).




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