5/21 Agenda

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Hello Everyone!

Thanks for keeping up, if it’s your first visit then welcome as well!

Medical School Personal Statement Critique Window Closed (*for now*):

As many of you already know I was a contributing writer for a while, and currently I also am an Institutional Review Board and Animal Care and Use Committee member and compliance associate (or officer, but I don’t like being called that). If you were wondering what I was doing during my time off before medical school starts, well, now you know. So, I have a fair amount of experience in both writing and critiquing. So, I’ve been offering content reviews for personal statements.

I had a great time reading peoples’ personal statement, lots of compelling back stories. The last day to submit a personal statement (first draft) was by May 20th, so if you made that deadline then we’ll still work together on your 2nd and 3rd draft whenever you submit it. I received a lot more then I anticipated, but I was able to stay on schedule with returning them (for a few weeks I received 1-2 per day) I’ve already wrote up a synopsis on general tips, these were a reflection from common “issues” I found while critiquing statements.

There will be another window for submissions, I’ll post the dates when it’s decided. This weekend I’m going wine tasting, so you don’t really want me reading your statements right now anyways =).

M2 Interview from Johns Hopkins

My good friend, former alumni and research scholar cohort, has just finished her USLME Step 1 (this is also known as the boards colloquially among medical students) last week. We finally had a chance to have a sit down over boba (or bubble tea for your weirdos) and discuss her: matriculation, M1, M2 experience, her foreign country research experience through Hopkins, and how it feels to be 33.33% a doctor post USLME. She’s flying back to school (now), and we’ll have that interview transcript hammered out this week — if I don’t get it up by next week, then she probably won’t have time to really do anything like this until next year in July. A few people on Twitter have taken advantage of her taking open questions, and have posed a few good ones. If you have any questions, just leave a comment and I’ll ask her about it.

It’s hard to explain how comforting it is to have a friend in medical school as well, we can swap war stories and lick each others’ wounds. I’m also thinking about adding a new section entirely to my blog just devoted to interviews with others who were accepted, waitlisted, medical students etc. I hope to demystify some of the medical school propaganda, and help others make informed decisions about applying to medical school.

Blog Maintenance Next Week

It won’t effect your usage, I just need to do a better job about organizing things.

Monies for Medschool!

I had a slight short fall in founding per year, about 70K spread out over four years, a drop in the proverbial bucket. This gap in funding has now dropped down to a manageable 24K gap. Boston University School of Medicine (BUSOM) has been really great with helping me on this issue. The drafted my financial aid offer, my tuition is covered (half grant/half loan), and the rest may be covered (living expenses) may be covered under a direct BUSOM loan — that’s still uncertain as I haven’t signed the financial promissory note yet, though I’m ready to sign at the drop of a hat. Either way, I’ll walk out with about 180K in debt (not counting interest) — meh. I’ve always wanted to say I have a quarter million dollar education, I’m sure with interest I’ll be able to pull that off.

Growing up, I didn’t even think I’d live this long (I had such bad asthma growing you’ve probably read my “anonymous” results in a case study by now haha), so I have no real qualms about investing more money into my dreams now. Not to be hyperbolic, but from my personal experiences as one and volunteering with them, I find child patients to be the most stoic and apathetic about their future. It’s hard to talk about your future when you’re not sure if you’ll have one. I used to hate when peopled used to ask me about it — now for the first time I’m actually okay, because I think I have one.

Though, I’ll be the first to admit, now that I actually have a strong will to live I’m afraid for the first time because I don’t want it taken away. I’m halfway convinced that a grand piano will fall on me during the White Coat Ceremony, it’d be quite a ceremonious for the universe to remind me who’s boss. Things are starting to go well, so I’m also wondering if I made some type of nefarious bargain I don’t remember why pleading to live in the hospital =x.


2 thoughts on “5/21 Agenda

    D Ward said:
    May 22, 2014 at 2:43 am

    Ahhh, IACUC! As a researcher who works with animals, they give me so much grief, LOL! Glad to hear things are finally working out for you, and I look forward to the upcoming interview.

      doctororbust responded:
      May 23, 2014 at 2:09 pm

      If only animals could sign consent forms 😃

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