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Hello All,

So, I have a brief period of quiescence, so I can update everyone on my matriculation process. Getting into medical school is awesome, doing the paper work is a little less awesome. In the late winter I did FAFSA, and another process specific to my school. Here’s my list of things to do:

Photo Release Form

This was exactly what it sounds like, a photo release form. In your in college right now you’ve probably signed one of these too, but you probably put as much time reading as an Apple terms agreement. Case in point, my picture is still being used at my old university — I’m now the research mascot. If BU wants to put my pearly whites on a post card, go on ahead.

Laptop Requirements

(Apple’s IPad and Android devices do not meet minimum requirements)
2.0 GHz processor (PCs with Intel Core or equivalent x86 processor, Macs with Intel only
120 GB hard drive
1280 x 800 resolution

Apparently, there’s a way to add this into my loan. I really do need a new computer, so I’ll probably apply for this soon.

Equipment letter 2014-15 + List

I sort of forgot that getting into medical school entails buying medical equipment — hey, I’m going to be a doctor! I also had no idea how much an ophthalmoscope and otoscope (that do-hickey the doctor uses to look into your eyes, throat, and ears with) were so expensive; I’ll never look at that device the same way again.


Doctor stuff.
Doctor stuff.

I’ll also be picking up a stethoscope and manual blood pressure cuff. You can have the stethoscope engraved ($12) and chose from several colors (Navy Blue, Burgundy, Hunter Green, Plum, Chocolate, Gray, Red, Caribbean Blue, Ceil Blue, Coral Pink,
Raspberry). I still don’t know which color, any suggestions? I suppose after amassing these three items, to the unwitting observer I may seem almost competent. Fortunately, we all know better. All three are fortunately free for incoming medical students here.

Physical Exam and Health History Form, includes on-line link

As you may imagine, if you’re going to hang out at the hospital you probably want to get your shots.

Reading List + Barnes & Noble textbook finder tool

  1. My first year reading list includes material on: Biochemistry and Cell Biology,Essentials of Public Health, Genetics, Gross Anatomy, Histology, Clinical Medicine, Human Behavior in Medicine, Immunology, Neuroscience and Physiology.
  2. My second year reading list includes: Disease Therapy and Pharmacology and a lot of reading about Medicine.
  3. And third year: rotational/clerkship specific materials (Neurology, Geriatrics etc.)

White Coat Sizing Chart + Form + Pronunciation Recording

Just ordered my white coat this week, using the form they provided. I still need to call an automated system to record my name. Apparently, they will call our names and get them right. I can respect that.

2014 White Coat Ceremony, August 4, 2014

Bought my tickets for Boston. I never really thought about it, but it is a lot cheaper to fly one day, well at least in my case. I’m not accustomed to the idea of buying  a “one-way” ticket, but here I am. I’ve found a place to live, and I’ve hammered out most of my financial woes (key word, most). My job is winding down this month, and I’ve been training my replacements. I’ll have a month vacation in July. I’m going to be donating most of my clothes, I don’t need maybe 3/4 of what I own in my wardrobe. My furniture I’m giving to my parents, they want a spare room. Through myself a party, one for the family, and one that I’ll never talk about. Then, it’s off to Boston.


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