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Recently people have requested that I upload some of my primary entries. That was a little harder than I imagined, most because I sort of jettisoned the whole primary application from my life after I was accepted (sorry, didn’t know I’d be blogging). Luckily, I’ve found my copy and I’ve copied a few of my entries below. You may notice that I redacted some information for my privacy. Besides that, and typos that may appear from me having to copy and paste it a few times to here, these are some of the primary entries I submitted. Next week, I’ll post some of my secondary essays.

Clubs / Hobbies:

As you can see from my hobbies, or lack thereof, I didn’t have much going besides academic life. I personally enjoyed the world of academia, and I’m still involved, so I had no shame in being upfront about my “lame” hobbies. Like many premeds, I learned to trick myself to like the nerdier side of things. Give me some books, lots of paper and a writing utensil, and then I’m satisfied for life. Though, I do own several guitars I haven’t actually sat down and properly practiced in years, that was my only note worthy hobby. However, since it was something I hadn’t done in a while, I just chose not to bring it up — just in case my interviewer decided to have a guitar solo battle to determine my eligibility. =)

Clubs / Hobbies
Experience Type: Hobbies Most Meaningful Experience: No
Experience Name: Clubs Dates: 09/20XX – 06/20XX Total Hours: 360
Organization Name: Waffles University
City / State / Country: Waffletown / / United States of America
Experience Description: University Tutor Club (Sept.20XX-present): volunteer tutoring to students who otherwise could not be tutored because of Waffle University. Traveled to Stanford University to lead a meeting regarding Organic Chemistry best tutoring practices in 20XX. Also participated in annual budgetary hearings where I successfully petitioned for an increase of funding for tutoring. (30 hours)
XXX Research Scholars Club President (Sept.20XX-20XX): responsible for fundraising, mentoring Upward Bound students interested in the sciences and pre medical degrees. (80 hours)
Human Physiology Research Journal Club (Jan.20XX-Nov.20XX): club focused on discussing and presenting weekly assigned research journal articles. In this group, I was expected to present an hour long presentation at least twice a month to critique the methodology and scientific merits of studies focusing on muscle and neuronal excitement. (250 hours)

Experiences (not most meaningful entry):

To enter this section, I just took my working Curriculum Vitae and resume, and crafted them to fit the AMCAS style/character count. One of my main strategies was not just to list what I did, but try to explain why it’s important that I bothered to mention it at all. I should note that I didn’t use all of my entries, I think I used about 12 of the 15 — I don’t like filling up space if there’s nothing to say.

Experience Type: Research/Lab Most Meaningful Experience: No
Experience Name: Research Assistant Dates: 06/2010 – 12/2010 Total Hours: 60
Contact Name & Title: Awesome McAwesome, Associate Professor
Contact Email: Contact Phone:
Organization Name: Waffle Univ. Biological Department
City / State / Country: Waffletown / CA / United States of America
Experience Description: I conducted a proof of concept sub-study for our lab, to demonstrate that action potentials (APs) in muscle can be measured using the electro-potential sensitive dye Di-8-ANEPPS ((4-{2-[6-(dibutylamino)-2-naphthalenyl]-ethenyl}-1-(3-sulfopropyl)pyridinium). Similar to the mechanism that makes fire flies glow, Di-8-ANEPPS emits a photon of light when electronically excited. After dissecting out the muscle I would then integrate Di-8-ANEPPS into the muscle membrane, where it would excited. To measure the correlation between intensity with the magnitude and density of excitation I selectively blocked ion channels florescence when the muscle fiber was electronically.

One of my most meaningful entries:

This is one of my most meaningful experiences. I choose my most meaningful 3-entries in effort to show balance. One entry was about research, another was on my experience as a volunteer in the correctional system, and the last was about my experience with patients. I felt I had to be strategic about displaying that I could fit into medical schools’ holistic views.

Experience Type: Research/Lab Most Meaningful Experience: Yes
Experience Name: Co-Principal Investigator Dates: 01/20XX – 11/20XX Total Hours: 999
Contact Name & Title: AA Awesome, Associate Professor
Contact Email: Contact Phone:
Organization Name: Waffle Univ. Biological Department
City / State / Country: Waffletown / CA / United States of America
Experience Description: I started the project by performing a comprehensive literature review, and creating a muscle electrophysiology timeline in neonate and adult mice. This timeline was presented to the lead investigator, and used to justify our need for animal experimentation to the Animal Care and Use Committee. From this project I was selected as a XXX Research Scholar, helping to fund my study. This opportunity allowed for hands on learning of physiology. After nearly two years of work, 20-30 hours a week, I was able to present the project at UC Berkeley in 20XX.

Hope this helps!


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