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Thanks for reading and leaving comments everyone. I started blogging in October 2013, as a “personal goal” to present my view of the process of becoming a doctor within my own frame. It’s easy for me to forget that this is my story that I’m sharing with you.

I’ve been so busy working on my blog that it’s easy to forget that I will be starting medical school (orientation) in less than 30 days (August 4th is game day). I had a sole goal when I stated blogging as a lazy writer: make sure to right at least a couple times a month. Around 9-months later I’ve managed to peter out 100+ blog entries, and as of today the blog has now reached 20,000 views in 82 countries.

20,000+ views and 82 countries thus far.
20,000+ views and 82 countries thus far.

In the spring I started reading personal statements, I assumed I’d get maybe at best 5. The year before, on Twitter, I offered to read them after I wrote mine but only a few people responded — coincidentally two out of the three got into medical school, the third never finished drafting and we lost contact. This year I committed to reading about 40 applicants’ personal statements, and because most finished 3-revisions (the set limit). I drank a lot of coffee, I plowed through them and I’m really proud of them. Now I’m on personal statement sabbatical =).

Oh yes, that’s right medical school. I haven’t packed yet (I’m a master procrastinator) but I do have a place to live, so that’s a start. I was invited to a party in Pacific Palisades to meet some Boston University faculty at physician’s house party. The RSVP unexpectedly came in the mail. I felt like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (except I’m not for slave labor). The invite is printed on fancy paper and came in an equally fancy envelope (yes friends, one day you too will be lame enough to get excited about the weight of paper).

I got a golden ticket!
I got a golden ticket!

Gestures like this remind me of why I thought BUSM was right for me. With any luck I won’t embarrass myself, and I might meet a few classmates who’re also available and happen to still be in the area. On interview day, I still remember being thoroughly impressed with every applicant I met. At that interview day, we cheered each other own, and even helped others get to their interview. Even as” competing” applicants we stuck together, it implied these were probably the people I wanted to be with for at least four years.

This is my last “free weekend”, then there’s a few party events I heard I’m hosting, therefore I will likely attend them. My last day working for the IRB/ACUC was last week, though I do some consulting through email until next week.

I’m a very lazy writer thanks for keeping me in shape, I didn’t have a mental slump. I feel vitalized and read to start medical school, but for now I’ll enjoy my extended period of doing whatever I want while I can.



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