Blog Agenda for the Remainder of July

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As the count down till the big move continues (14 days now), I see that I have a lot of things to accomplish in 14 days:

  • Currently writing a guest article for a premedical advising website, I’ll link you all when it’s up on their site.
  • I may start a new affiliation with a premedical student advising service. If I do, I’ll post this affiliation in my “About” page to be transparent to my readers and friends here.
  • PreMD Tracker application review, co-creator interview,  and tips on usage –the  interview is completed, I just need to whip it into an article. This is actually taking a lot longer than I expected, this is because there’s so much in the application, making it that more laborious to present my positive comprehensive review. Fortunately, it’s taking so long because the free phone application is just that good that I wanted to do more with the article than I anticipated.
  • Complete article with medical student advising service ProMEDeus. The creator/physician and I spoke on the phone, informally, for several hours a few weeks ago. We’re still working together to get that article up, as you may imagine he’s also a tad busy, especially as an attending.
  • Interview with an anonymous Stanford accepted medical student. She just moved into her place, and I’m moving out of mine, so our schedules are sort of not aligning. But, we’ll get it done.
  • Pack!
  • Attend three parties this week:  friends  only party (Friday, not classy), friends & family (Saturday, medium classiness), and a BUSM luncheon in California (Sunday, total class). They all fall back to back somehow, so it’s party central this weekend. I had to pick up a sports coat for my semi formal look (all I have other than that are charcoal suits).
I’ve gotten questions a lot about how did I wear my hear during my interviews, like this photo above. I usually have my hair tied except when out and about, except after showering because the center of gravity and weight of my hair can give me a neck ache (seriously).
  • Finish the remainder of my aid paperwork. It’s a long story, but a while back quite a bit of money was stolen from my account, after a police report and what not I don’t owe the money. But, it did totally screw my credit while my accounts were closed and I didn’t have access to my own checking account (thanks Wells Fargo!). Anyways, so now I need to get a cosigner (parents can’t do it), I think I have one. The amount that I’m requesting is petty, in comparison to my actual debt, about 7K per year for living expenses. I’m trying with a cosigner now,  finished the paperwork, but the site is down, so we have to mail it in thus it’ll take time to learn the results. If you’re super rich and want to cosign for me let me know boy to become a doctor just let me know =).
  • Oh yeah, I also want to try to write stuff about myself every now and then, you know seeing as this is my blog =x.
  • Find time in there to relax.

If you decide to apply to medical school, you’ll soon be asking yourself too most likely, “How will I spend my final days”.




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