Moving to Boston in a Few Days (30th)

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This past weekend I went to luncheon medical students. I had my provisional one glass of wine, and met a few of my future classmates (4 out of the 165)  and an upper class mate. It was interesting to meet them, we have some important things in common, but there’s a lot of good diversity among us — it was a fun group. We all met the dean, she flew from Boston to California just to come to that event. Apparently, she does this every year. I guess, it small sound like a small token of appreciation to some, but to everyone at the party it made us feel welcome. That feat alone would have been enough to convince me that I had the right choice in schools, but meeting BUSM alumni and staff really put things over the top. The environment of the party alludes to a reality where I might both work hard and have fun.

My flight is on July 30th, my school starts on August 4th. I land a few days before my lease starts at my new place, so my new roommate will let me crash with him until the 1st; then we’ll both move into our new place. He’s also an incoming M1, should be a good combination. I have about a 17-20 minute bike ride to the school, or half an hour train ride from a station that takes me 7 minutes to walk to says Google. We’ll leave about 5 minutes walk from this huge body of water:

Photo credit Rich Williams
Photo credit Rich Williams

I’m done packing more or less, now I’m just tossing stuff because I can’t bring it with me — this is a lot harder than packing. I’m leaving almost all of my books, taking pictures of pictures so I can leave them, and both giving and selling off my personal items to friends. It’s a cleansing experience really. I’ve moved around more times than I can count, each time I loss more and more things. At first it gets to you, if you’re nostalgic about things, but eventually you see how much those items never meant to you — memories are typically all you need to cherish, and perhaps is the only real thing in this quantum world.

My white coat ceremony and orientation both start on August 4th, the real courses actually start on August 11th. As I arrive on the 30th, at night, I only have a few days to settle in before school starts up — tough cookies. I’ve already pre-ordered my scrubs from a BUSM club for anatomy lab (keep the money local), I’ll pick them up when I arrive. I received a few emails from upper class mates about some get-together events coming up, I saw beer somewhere in the email so I like where this is going already. We’ve been decided into “schools”, this is common at medical schools — I also went ahead and joined the Facebook group for this school. Facebook is usually a horrible desolate wasteland, but chances are your Facebook medical school group will be pretty awesome — I’ve already learned a lot there from both older and new students. I’ll definitely need to consult with them about winter clothes, because that “pond” I showed you looks like this in the winter( for some reason in the winter time we should all dress Victorian, go figure!):

1859 tom-foolery
1859 tom-foolery



2 thoughts on “Moving to Boston in a Few Days (30th)

    premedmachine said:
    July 29, 2014 at 8:16 pm

    Have a safe flight tomorrow. 😊✈️

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