MSAR for DO Schools?

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A while ago a reader asked me if there was a program analogous to the MSAR for DO schools. I’ve harped on and on about how to purchase the MSAR without mentioning that the MSAR doesn’t provide information about DO school. When I applied to medical school I didn’t submit to DO programs, partly because of financial reasons, some part ignorance, and generous helpings laziness after finishing the AAMC MD applications. I’d reckon the reason the MSAR doesn’t cover DO programs is because the overarching agencies representing both medical colleges are disparate entities. when applying to medical school the AAMC has purview over the MD schools, while the AACOM covers the DO schools. As a consequence, the MSAR database is restricted to MD programs.

However…apparently the AACOM does provide a manual to applicants with similar information — how similar I do not know. I’m learned about this from a Twitter user, not because I’m omnipotent :

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What the AAMC and the AACOM have in common is that they provide a lot of information for applicants. In fact, there isn’t much on the MSAR that can’t be found for free on the AAMC, it’s just that it mostly saves you A LOT of time by grouping the data for applicants. One of the best parts of the MSAR, that I couldn’t find on the AACOM site was the gradation of scores and GPAs for matriculating students found on the MSAR (but you may be able to find this in the manual, if someone verifies that please let me know!) — but, right now I’m not sure if that data is actually “captured” by the AACOM so you’ll have to take the plunge yourself. Though, as people update me, I’ll update this post.

However, with a little time investment you can find your school’s tuition, applicant data versus matriculating students (2013), and average scores. I don’t think there’s a comprehensive list about the secondary fees and dates for each school. But, I think with the information provided by the AACOM you should be able to make an informed decision:

AACOM Information Page

Matriculation Information

Applicant score averages w/o school:

Applicant data per DO school:

Compare against the matriculate data:

Tuition information:

Citation, previous reply to post =)

 the AACOM  has noticed the need to make an easy searchable database to act as a clearing house for all DO programs. Though, I still think it’d be nice if they worked more in unity, they are cousins the AAMC and AACOM.

Hope that helps for the DO applicants! Thanks again to   for the update.

If you have anything to add, corrections etc., don’t be shy to message me or post a comment, so I can add more information to this page.



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