In Boston for the Next 4-Years (at least?)

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Hello Everyone,

Thanks for your patience, while I’ve been away for a little. To make sure I didn’t have down time in posting I released some articles I had in the draft box, so hopefully my absence wasn’t noticed at all by my readers.

If you applying to medical school right now good luck! Premeds not applying to medical school, enjoy your summer (even if you’re taking classes, trust me, enjoy your summer!). As you may already know, I was a premed up until recently, I applied last year and had a very fruitful application season (acceptances). As a consequence, I just moved from perpetually hot and sunny California (near LA) to the  perpetually shifting weather in Boston.

Dry dust bowl, most of Pacific-West states are nothing more than irrigated deserts.
Photo from the plane: Dry dust bowl, most of Pacific-West states are nothing more than irrigated deserts.


The last time, and well only time, I’ve been in Boston was for my interview nearly 9-months ago. At that time, I stayed with a M3 host. Well, sort of, he actually wasn’t home for my entire stay as he was on away rotation elsewhere in the state by the time I had arrived. Never the less, he invited me to stay with his room mates as his doppleganger — his roommates were obviously awesome as well. So, the one of the first things I did was get into contact with him! We finally have met, drank a beer and broke bread. He’s an M4 now, and will be graduating by the time I finish my first year. I’ll swing by his house to pick up some much needed dishware, conveniently his roommate wants him to get rid of some of it.

Next on my check list was to celebrate the fact that I was in Boston the same way as I did before: beer. As you may notice, being accepted as permitted me to up my celebratory brews.

Before and After
Before and After

Besides that, I also made sure to enjoy my last weekend as a free man. So, I spent most of this week walking around Boston with my roommate and a few others. I can definitely get used to this more scenic city, best part is everything is pretty much in walking distance.

Hanging out by the pond.
Hanging out by the pond.

Tomorrow my parents will be coming out to Boston for the White Coat Ceremony — it has occurred to them that this is probably an important day, at least symbolically. Monday, I start orientation for medical school; incidentally, my bed arrives on Monday (2-day shipping my *ss Amazon!). So, I’m sleeping on a hardwood floor cushioned by a rug and garments to brace my body for the painful lay down. Good news, I’m going to medical school, beds and comfort are for suckers!



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