Last Hospital Shift of the Year

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Hello Everyone!

Happy holidays, I’ll be ringing in my last shift (possibly, unless I get the itchy urge and find another slot) of the year in the ER/Trauma tonight. Tonight’s ‘uniform’ will be white coat and scrubs (also known as medical pajamas).

Doctor: can you guys call the other pharmacy to verify their prescriptions, dosage, and amount? If you don’t understand what they say ask them to repeat it.

Other medical student and I in unison:….sure…

Medical school is interesting because you cross the line of your comfort level a lot, for me it was a simple phone call. Everyone has seen the gibberish on prescription bottles, it’s a niche language, unless you mother tongue is latin I suppose. At my level of, without any pharmacology coursework, you might as well be speaking dolphin if you rattle off drugs to me. Anyways, it was a mission accomplished after googling the pharmacy and boasting my best competent person impersonation to the pharmacist over the phone.

The line between being a fly on the wall and becoming part of the process is ever blurring, even if it’s in the most modest of ways. For the surgical residents we stayed with making phone calls was probably the most trivial part of their day.

In class updates my neuro exams were yesterday, so academically I’m done for 2014! The verdict? Neuro is going a-okay according to my exams. Last semester’s medical biochemistry gave many of us quite a pummeling (even biochemistry majors), so I’m trying to learn from that experience and make improvements in how I approach studying for medical school — if neuro is any indication I’m headed in the right direction.

My newest study location.
My newest study location.

In physician training news we start giving physical next year (January 2015), upon admittance some generous alumni paid for all of our medical equipment:


After further work with real patients, for the first time, we’ll be exposed to a standardized patient to evaluate/grade our proficiency. In the meantime I’d rather not torture patients, so this month I’ve been volunteering my friends to eye and ear exams — incidentally, I never noticed how intimately close you need to be for eye exams:



I won’t be traveling home for holidays, I’ll just hang out in Boston instead this year. In Boston a large chunk of the population are students, college students at that, so plenty of people leave this city this time of year. As a consequence, a lot of my classmates have flown home, while some like me are sticking it out here. But, I’ve already made my agenda for how to spend the vacation:

1. Blog a little more (not to be substituted for sleep), hopefully it’ll be helpful for premeds

2. Go to favorite jazz bar several times, possibly with other people (haha)

3. Sleep

4. Experience Boston Christmas experience

5. Skype with family

6. Oh yeah! Wash white coat, this thing attracts stains

*7. Take time to appreciate the volume of information I just absorbed, won’t be studying, but I will bask and reflect

I wish everyone a happy holiday!



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