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Across the street from my new place
Across the street from my house


I hope everyone reading is doing well. Right about now, premeds are applying to medical school. Good luck! In the end, whether this cycle yields an acceptance or not, remember to take a wellness break. New medical students are starting up, hopefully you had that wellness break. The more people you’re friends with the easier first year will be — don’t forget about that wellness and time for yourself.

Medical School Stuff

For me, my second year of medical school just started a couple of weeks ago. If you’re interested in the schedule, you can read it here. After about two weeks into the semester we had our first exam, it covered 43 lectures including group discussion material. During this time you practically breath Power Point slides as you have to go through a couple thousand in a few weeks. Though, it’s not as bad as it sounds as the material is more clinically relevant, it’s more interesting than the first year. It’s a lot of material, but if you make a daily effort to keep up it’s rather manageable because we no longer have to juggle disparate courses like in the first year. This is also the year that we have to take our first board exam, but I won’t have much to say on that subject for a couple of months. By the way, my first exam on pharmacology, pathology and some infectious disease went fine.


Found A Place to Live

So, several weeks ago, the house I live in was sold. As you may have imagined, this created quite a predicament for your author because housing in Boston is ridiculous. We are somewhere near 3rd in the country for cost of housing — if you’re living in SF and reading this, you have my condolences. Here, it’s not just the prices, the finding roommate process can be a little daunting and even sometimes ridiculous. One advertisement demanded a Linkedin profile be sent, another explicitly said “wealthy applicants only”, and yet many others asked for short essays of “why do I want to live with you”. Other potential places were a little too eclectic: some demanded you participate in a commune (no sarcasm), posts that had 2-3 paragraphs about their cat were ignored. In the end, I found a place just a block or so from my current one. Somehow, the price ended up being slightly cheaper than what I’m paying now, and my new roommates will be a post doc and a graphic designer. I had a big goal of staying in my area, because it’s right outside of greater Boston — it’s a little oasis away from the hectic blazing sirens near our hospital (and student housing).

Finally, I just have to say thanks for reading and keeping me in your best wishes!


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