Second Year of Medical School – Mission Complete

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The second year of medical school is now over. It long in experience, but quick in retrospect. I mean, after all, when you’re tumbling down a hill it feels like it’s taking relatively forever. Medical school goes at an often unforgiving pace, whether you like it or not, for better or worse, and richer or poorer — there’s adages about medical school, one of them is, “The days are long, but the weeks are short”.

Third year orientation starts at the end of May, rotations then start the first week of June. In between then and now, I’ll have my board exam. It’ll be one of three: STEP 1 (in May), STEP 2 sometime next year, STEP 3 as a physician.

I’ve learned a lot in the last two years, and I look forward to learning more. It’s also time, as always, to work on paying things forward. I’m going to swing back to the medical campus, we have a high school mentoring program. It’s been sort of tough losing a Friday, as I usually don’t get much “scholastically” accomplished. But, honestly, I’m not sure if I’m really that great of a mentor. I’d argue that I may get more out of it than them, they bring a lot of “energy”. Today, we’ll do workshops on vital signs. Vitals are a lot more interesting when you know how to interpret and integrate the information. A few weeks ago, we took them up to the anatomy lab to show them hearts and brains. It’s easy to neglect how much you’ve learned, until you thoughtlessly put your gloved hands into the brain bucket, and can take Q & A from knowledge thirsty teenagers about pathophysiology.

Anyways, I came home after the exam to eat breakfast. Before exams, fight or flight kills my hunger, so I just nimble on something give my brain something to work with during the exam. This one exam was particularly stressful, it was the last one, and if I failed it I’d be re-taking this exam while studying for STEP 1. All went well, and I’m going to enjoy my little weekend off. I better get going, have to hope back on the train to get back to the medical campus!


I’m taking a posting hiatus, until mid-May, to focus my time either studying or enjoying the dwindling free time I have left.

Good luck to everyone applying to medical school. MS1 students, hang in there, you’re almost there!


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